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With so many recalls on pet food over the last few years more and more dog owners are seeking an alternative. Many are beginning to look in to making their own dog food. For some it is a passion while for others it is simply a means of ensuring they know exactly what their dog is consuming.

Natural homemade dog food has many advantages. There is never any doubt what your dog is consuming. Everything can be watches so the owner knows exactly what ingredients go in to the food. Some owners will feed nothing but homemade dog food whilst others may take a more conservative approach. All homemade dog foods should have one thing in common and that is to create a balanced diet for the dog. This is not to say that every meal has to be completely balanced but overall it must lead to a happy and healthy dog.

This is one of the drawbacks of homemade dog foods. Getting the balance right is no easy task. dogs need a well balanced diet and this may be very difficult for some. It does seem like an awful lot of work to get the proportions of oils, vitamins and minerals exactly right. Although it may not have to be perfect it does have to be, in general, a nice healthy diet.

This is the main problem with homemade dog foods. How many of us know what we should really be feeding our dog? We need guidance and some way of knowing. This is easier said than done as for every person there may be a different opinion as to what dogs need to stay healthy. The very concept of eating dog food made at home is simply wrong for some. They believe the pet food companies, and trust them to have the proportions of the recommended daily amounts correct for their dog.

This will be an ongoing debate and it really is up to the owner to decide what they think is best. By all means feed your dog dried food but maybe it is worth investigating the world of natural homemade dog food to see how difficult it is. Who knows maybe your dog will thrive on food that you have made at home. Many owners tell tales of marked improvements in their dogs health and vitality by switching to a diet of homemade dog food.

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Natural Homemade Dog Food

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This article was published on 2010/04/04