Where Is The Meat In Dog Food?

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How can we balance organic or natural foods with chemicals and preservatives? It seems inescapable. At times I will play a game with food labels. As I read the labels on the packaging the question which comes to mind is "Where is the meat in dog food?" I find beef or chicken by products; where's the meat?


 I will deliberately pick up a carton, read only the label and try to guess what food product is in the container. As I read the words for the preservatives and chemicals that are on the label the food is no longer recognizable. Have you tried this exercise?


As I read the labels on the dog food container my main question is always…Where is the meat? And when I finally locate a dog food which lists meat first it is expensive.


The next question is…How much meat is in the product? Maybe for you it makes sense but percentages do not tell me anything. If meat is being stored in dry form it needs to be preserved in salt or sugar which is not recommended for dogs or manmade preservatives and chemicals are added for shelf life.


When you purchase your meats for your family they are either located in a refrigerated appliance or in the freezer units of your grocery store.


Do you trust a product to be natural because the manufacturer states it on their packaging? After adding preservatives or chemicals to keep the product fresh have you not defeated ‘natural'?


As a consumer trying to feed your dog good food to keep your pet healthy, surely you have noticed, or are suspect that the labeling is not totally accurate. The pet industry lists minimum legal requirements.


There are always two sides to the story.


  • The labels do give us part of the ingredients.
  • Companies do list meat, meat by products, corn, barley, rice, potatoes, dyes, preservatives and chemicals.
  • Percentage of ingredients is better than not knowing any measurement.
  • Regardless of what the large print on the package is saying, read the small print.
  • Name of company and contact is on the package for more information.


There is an old expression; if you want anything done right, do it yourself. Make your own home cooked dog food for your pet. Then you will absolutely know what ingredients and how much of each ingredient has been put into their food.


When you prepare home cooked dog food you will definitely be able to answer the question "Where is the meat in dog food"? And you will also know the quality and the quantity of meat in the finished product.


Organic or natural ingredients for your pets can be located in health stores, neighborhood grocery stores, produce stores, outdoor markets, or farmers markets. There are also specialty pet foods stores in most communities or Online. Shop wherever you feel comfortable that you are getting the best quality foods for your dollars.  


To know where is the meat in dog food? It is recommended for more home cooked food information and recipes visit the pet care section at http://www.Infotrish.com and review Dog Food Secrets.

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Where Is The Meat In Dog Food?

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This article was published on 2011/07/12